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Point Earning Tips

Want to earn more DeanPoints?

Below are suggestions that will help you to maximize your Rewards potential. Check out the Dean Bank Rewards website for even more information about this exciting program!

  • Opt to receive your Rewards statement by email notification each month. Not only will it keep you most up-to-date on your Rewards account status, but it will also reduce the amount of paper waste created by sending you a paper statement. In addition, Dean Bank will automatically award you with 500 Bonus Points just for choosing this option.
  • Use a PEN instead of your PIN when paying for purchases. You only earn DeanPoints if you are doing signature-based transactions. When asked "Debit or Credit?" choose Credit. If you're not asked, tell the cashier you would like to use your card as credit. The funds are still debited from your checking account but the PEN is mightier than the PIN!
  • Use ShoppingFLING to earn additional points when you visit select retailers online via the ValueCenter portal.
  • Watch for Bonus Points. Bonus Points are additional promotional points that the Bank may offer from time to time as a reward for doing something specific. For example, referring a friend to Dean Bank.
  • Make large purchases with your card. You may request a temporary increase to your debit card purchase limit so you can go shopping to purchase a larger, high-ticket item like a vehicle, appliance or vacation. The maximum temporary and permanent daily limit is $10,000.00. To request a purchase limit increase, please call the bank at 508-528-0088.
  • Pay your bills online or at retail stores with your card.
  • Set up recurring payments, such as auto insurance or gym memberships, with your Debit MasterCard®.
  • Pay for groceries with your card, but don't forget to hit the Credit button. Over the course of a year the average family could earn a $50 gift card just from the points they'd earn by purchasing weekly groceries with their Dean Bank Debit MasterCard®.
  • Pay at the pump with your card and choose "Credit". If you fill up your gas tank one time a week and spend $35 each time you fill up, that is the equivalent of another 900 points. A household with two cars could potentially earn 1800 points OR MORE a year!
  • Shopping for the holidays or special occasions with your card can earn you lots of points. Use your card through the entire holiday season and then throughout the year. By the time next year's holiday season rolls around, you could have earned enough DeanPoints to redeem for gift cards and merchandise as gifts for your friends and family. Imagine getting their gifts for free!
  • Use your card for fundraisers. For school, scouts, or your favorite non-profit…many organizations that are near and dear to your heart have an annual fundraiser. From popcorn to cookie dough, wrapping paper to greeting cards, if you can eat it, cook it, write on it or wrap something in it, chances are you can buy it using your Dean Bank Debit MasterCard®.
  • Buy your morning cup 'o joe with your card to earn about 250 extra points per year. Throw in a bagel or breakfast sandwich and double that!
  • Getting takeout delivered to the office? Offer to put it on your card and collect cash from your co-workers. Earn points on their lunch!
  • Don't forget about your visits to the pharmacy. Get rewarded every time you buy medications and health and beauty products with your card and sign for your purchase.

Do you have any point-earning tips or tricks we haven't mentioned? Contact Us and share how you use your Dean Bank Debit MasterCard® or Debit BusinessCard® to earn more points! If we add your idea to the list we'll award you with 250 Bonus Points!

* You are responsible for any personal tax liability related to participation in the Program or as a result of points earned or redeemed. Dean Bank is not responsible for managing or administering the Program or providing services under the Program and reserves the right to change these rules at any time, for any reason, and without notice. General questions or concerns about the Program are welcomed and may be made at any Dean Bank branch or via

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