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Certificates of Deposit

A CD is a smart investment that guarantees both principal and interest -- and provides peace of mind, knowing all your deposits are insured in full. Choose from a variety of standard terms as short as three months or as long as five years.

CD Specials

Weekly CD Specials offer great rates and unique terms. Check back often so you don’t miss the perfect investment opportunity at the right time for you. These are great for IRAs too.

CD Laddering Strategy

Benefit from higher rates and provide the liquidity you may need.

Typically you can receive higher rates on a CD if you commit to putting your money in longer term products. However, this lack of liquidity, or immediate access to the cash, causes many people to choose shorter-term CDs that come with lower rates. CD laddering is a strategy that gives you the benefit of receiving the higher-interest rates of longer term CDs but still provide you with some liquidity.

For example, rather than deposit $100,000 for a one-year period and renewing each year at a one-year rate, you could create a four-year ladder and put $25,000 in a one-year CD, $25,000 in a two-year CD and $25,000 in a three-year CD, and so on. After the first year, you take the one-year CD and purchase a new four-year CD. After the second year, you take the initial two-year CD and purchase a new four-year CD, and do the same each time a CD matures. Starting in year five, you will have the four CDs receiving the benefit of a four year rate but also have access to 1/4 of your money each year without penalty should you need it.

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